How I do to have good grades at school

Tip # 1 : 
I think good grades come with motivation and more you would more you will succeed. So keep motivated all the time it makes a difference. In my case, the way I keep motivated is being positive on everything you do and having a cute planner, night routine...
Tip # 2 : 
All girls love planners, pencils… Cute stuff will help you in your organization and more you are organized more you will be ready for important exams... Grades come with a good organization because you will be ready for all those exams/tests that you suppose to have in your planner to don’t miss them.
Tip # 3 : 
At school, I try to be the more concentred that I can, I know it’s hard but you will more understand because you focus on only one thing for a moment. Forget distraction it’s not important.
Tip # 4 : 
Each night I spend literally more than 2 hours for studying, homeworks… If you want good grades, you must do your homeworks because it’s a preparation for the exam and most of the times teacher try to put the same thing in the exam (for me they do that sometimes) and it gives you a big chance. :)
Tip # 5 : 
When You study or you doing your homework, forget your phone or all distraction near of you or just put them off.


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