Fun Things To Do On A Snow Day!

Usually when there's a snow day, I get really bored. Since my mom doesn't like to drive in the snow, I have to stay at home. A lot of people can probably relate, so I'll be giving you a list of things to do so you can enjoy your snow day!

Play In The Snow

I know this is kinda obvious, but playing in the snow can actually be a lot of fun! You can ask a sibling or a neighbor to join you because everything is better with a friend! Well, at least in my opinion.

Read A Book

I honestly love reading, and I feel like a snow day is the perfect time to just curl up in bed and get lost in a good book!

Watch TV

The reason why I love snow days is because you have a whole day to yourself! It's the perfect time to watch a movie, maybe even a Christmas movie to get into that holiday spirit! Or, you can binge-watch a tv show!


I love baking! It's really fun and, in the end, it's, hopefully, really tasty too! It's perfect when your really bored and have nothing to do! Anyone can just find a simple recipe online and bake something ;)

Organize/clean Something

Yes, I know, organizing/cleaning something can be soooo boring, but when your listening to music while doing so can make it a lot more fun. My room is usually really messy and I hate cleaning it, but when I'm listening to music it makes it more enjoyable. And having a clean room can just make you feel a lot better too! It's scientifically proven that have a clean room is important for your health!

Decorate For The Holidays

Imagen de christmas, girl, and winter
Something that I love doing on a snow day is decorating for the holidays! It makes me realize that Christmas is finally coming after waiting months, and months, for it. A lot of families only put up their tree, but I like to go all out for the most wonderful time of the year!


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