Are you struggling with life?

Dear you. Do you feel like your losing control on every single thing? Do you feel like everyone is leaving you and you have no one? Trust me. I know how you're feeling. Like all the light is gone, every breath you take feels hard, pain in your chest is killing you... You feel like no one cares and that the easiest thing would be to give up. All you think about is will this pain ever end? Trust me darling, it will. No matter how hopeless you're right now feeling, you will be happy again. You will. Life is a gift. And one day, one day you are going to see how beautiful you're life is. There is still so much to learn, so many things to experience, so many peoples to love, so many sunsets to see. You are not alone. You will find someone, someone that gets you the way no one else does, someone that loves you even at your worst times. That person will love you even when you're struggling about loving yourself. You are important, you matter. You will be happy. The pain you're feeling right now, it teaches you to understand another people more easier. And right now my dear, if you feel like crying, it's okay to cry, if you feel like eating a whole cake by yourself, you deserve it. If you're dealing with something huge in life, or dealing with a mental disorder, let me tell you that you are so strong, and I'm so proud of you by dealing with all those demons in you're head. One day you will see the light, you will be loved, and most importantly,
You will be happy.