Christmas gifts

If you still haven't decided what to buy for your relatives and friends, I'm going to show you some cheap, yet creative and great ideas.

1. Why I love you books

As Christmas is the season of love, last year I surprised my beloved ones with such a gift, they were all over the moon. All you need is a blank notebook, a pen and a couple of pictures. 
Write 'I love you because (reason)' on the left side, and stick a picture on the right side of the book, then decorate the photo with a memory. Find as many reasons as there are pages in the notebook, if you're out of ideas, then start with the 'I am grateful for (reason)' variation. It will definitely blow their mind!
Imagen de drawing, sketchbook, and flower

2. Gift Box

This is a suitable present for anyone, as you simply need a box, moreover anything your friends or family like. For instance, candles, body lotion, perfume, nail polish, socks or jewellery.
Imagen de christmas, gift, and present

3. Christmas matching pack

There isn't a cuter thing when the family is dressed up in the same, so in case if you haven't already received a matching tee, pjamas or sweather with your family, it's high time! Yet, if you intend to design your own, you need a blank t-shirt and a textil pen, so that you can decorate the tee.

+1 Day Planner

This year i decided to design a Day Planner 2018, and I'm telling you it was one hell of a work, yet it was definitely worth it. It's the appropriate present for those, who are always in lack of time and unorganised. If you don't feel like planning, you can order or buy one in the store, then dress it up creatively. For wrapping ideas, visit my previous article:
Remember, Christmas is about love, so create a present with all of your heart in it instead of spending an awful lot of money on insignificant things.