Travel tip: Places to spend your holidays

Vacations are coming or have already arrived depends on the part of the world where you are. So in this article I will talk about 5 places that are great destinations to spend the holidays, see:
One of the best places to spend your vacations and in Orlando, there you find fun for the whole family, the best attractions are the parks of Disney and Universal, but there you find several other places outside the parks for fun.
Los Angeles
Los Angeles is a city that has many amazing tourist sites to visit, as well as beaches that are very beautiful, wonderful shopping for shopping, theme parks and more. This is an amazing place to spend the holidays, there is always something to do or to visit.
How about enjoying the beautiful capital of Italy, going to amazing tourist spots and eating wonderful food.
Krakow is a city in Poland and considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is a great destination for your vacation, the city has interesting sights such as the Wawel Castle, Ulica Grodzka and the Central Square or even take a hot air balloon ride and see the city from above. 
There is also a wonderful culinary experience, with typical dishes such as Pierogi and Zapiekanka.
Gramado is a city in Brazil that is very visited mainly during Christmas, Christmas in Gramado begins in the month of October and lasts 3 months. During Christmas, the city is decorated with millions of lights, several parades, concerts takes place to celebrate Christmas. The city is perfect for those who love Christmas.
Well, this is these were the cities that are perfect as a destination for the holidays, and I hope you have enjoyed it.