How to pass your exams + TIPS

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about exams. I know a lot of people including myself, HATE taking exams/tests/finals. All they seem to do is stress you out, and take a lot of your free time. BUT, I have a some solutions for that! Now, these aren't guaranteed a "A" it's possible of course , but It will help you feel more confident and prepared for you exam. So let's get started!1. Make Flashcards
Making flashcards are really simple and don't require much effort.You also don't necessarily need to go out and buy some either. You can take a plain sheet of paper, fold the paper into tiny squares, and cut then out. TA-DA...flashcards! A while back anytime I needed to study for a big test coming up, flashcards were a life-saver.
2. Quizlet
Since technology is such a big impact on a lot of people lives, the internet is where we do a lot of out things, including studying. I'm sure everyone know or has used Quizlet before, but it really helps me. Quizlet is very similar to regular, homemade flashcards except online. You can create your own study set, or you can search up whatever subject your study is on, and use others flashcards.
3. Study with a Buddy
For some people, they learn better with others. Studying with others can also be more fun, and you might even learn more!
4. Make up weird sayings
Sometimes just "remembering it" doesn't always cut it. Especially if what you have to remember is long. For example:
K- Kingdom 
P- Phylum 
C- Class 
O- Order 
F- Fungi 
G- Genus 
S- Species
... how I remembered it
K- King 
P- Philip 
C- Came 
O- Over 
F- For 
G- Good 
S- Spaghetti
It's very simple. Just make up any kind of saying that you know you will remember.


Now on to the tips:
  • Get a good nights sleep
Sleep is important, as it is in general. It will help you be more alert, more focused, and cautious on what you're doing.
  • Chew on a piece of gum
I've always heard the "chew a piece of gum while studying, then chew the same flavor while taking the test" phrase. To me, it seems like it does work, but I'm not 100% sure, nor do I know the whole scientific proof behind it. Either way it wouldn't hurt to try.
  • Listen to some music
Listening to music will make you feel more productive, and more likely to get your work done faster. I'd recommended music without vocals, but you can really listen to whatever you'd like.
  • Eat Breakfast
Even if you're not a breakfast eater in the morning, eating just a little something, like an apple or toast with a nut butter, will help you be more focused on your test. It also helps with your energy level, so while taking your test you'll be 100% focused on your exam, rather than your stomach.