date ideas

these can be used w/ a romantic partner or even just a bunch of friends so here it goes:

hiking has always been a favourite of mine, probably because there are a lot of trails near me. but this one is lots of fun because you can just talk and look at the beauty of the nature surrounding you, and there aren't many people around. even better if its in the autumn, because you can see all the colour changes.

go to the drive in

the drive in is like mid-way between watching a movie at home and going to a theatre. you can get outta the house but not have to be squished in with everyone. plus, if you bring your own snacks (i think that's allowed? don't quote me on it lol) you don't have to pay as much and idk its just lots of fun.

board game cafe
this i would suggest doing as a double date/ with a group of friends, but honestly its so fun?? i personally like experimenting with different games & seeing ones i really like. idk if they have these in every town but if there is one where you live i would 100% suggest going.


i couldn't find any nice pictures for this, but volunteering is such a nice thing to do with other people because you get to help others and have fun + spend time with people all at once??? super rewarding i would totally reccomend.

ice/ roller skating
a classic?? and even if you don't have skates im pretty sure that basically every place rents them for like $5 or something.

apple picking

okay this is super fun & a fall fav, and usually apple orchards have lots of other stuff too like pumpkin patches and corn mazes so thats fun. plus, afterwards if you feel like it you can make apple pie or something so its like a whole day activity.

a millenial classic. but yeah, brunch is pretty fun & i mean you eat breakfast every day so why not spend it with people you care about?? its also cool to try new places and different foods so yeah its tbh a lot of fun.


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