10 Bussines Apps Every GirlBoss Shoud Have

In today’s article i’ll show you 10 Bussines Apps Every GirlBoss Shoud Have
And let’s get started💞

1. Hootsuite

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Hootsuite links all your social media accounts so you can send a message to them all simultaneously👌🏻 It also allows you to synchronise your calendar and pre-set the dates for when your messages are sent.

2. Expensify

Once you take a picture of your receipt, Expensify uses SmartScan technology to add the details to a virtual database. All you have to do is choose what folder or section the expense belongs in and this pocket accountant will compile hassle free expense reports for your business.

3. DropBox

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Dropbox gives you access to all your files in one place.This is one of those essential apps for business that transcends the professional into the personal.

4. Awesome Note

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Awesome Note is a well-designed organizer with a built-in calendar, to-do list, party-planning section, and photo journal.

5. Azeus Convene

Azeus Convene allows you to conduct meetings that are paperless, efficient and secure from anywhere.

6. Evernote

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While Awesome Note is great for life organization, you’re going to want to use Evernote for your professional life. The app can sync all your notes across multiple devices and computers, and it helps you scan business cards and search for anything.

7. Mailchimp

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Need to put together a Newsletter, product announcement, or event email list? Mailchimp has everything you need.
MailChimp is designed to be responsive and mobile compatible to allow you to work with the full application from your mobile devices.

8. YPlan

YPlan app helps you figure out what to do — from comedy shows to concerts. And the best part is, you can get tickets straight from the app.

9. Triplt

TripIt takes the stress out of planning. Just send your flight details, train tickets and hotel confirmation to the app and it will automatically generate the perfect itinerary for your journey.

10. Levo Resume

Levo Resume syncs with LinkedIn and provides you with tons of resume-building and career advice. You can create your resume on the app, and then download it as a PDF to email or share it.