Types of Girls: pretty french words

❥ Aurore (dawn); stays up late, doesn’t say their deepest thoughts, quiet but their presence is warm, disappears to recharge, likes love letters & mornings
❥ Bisou (kiss); gets crushes easily but may fear intimacy, loves soft things, cares a lot about what others think, wants love more than anything
❥ Sourire (smile); always tries to be happy, friends with everyone, prefers movies over books, talks a lot, radiant smile, hard-working, gives the best hugs
❥ Ange (angel); daydreams a lot, loves fashion & aesthetics, wishes they were a flower, loves affection, pure-hearted, moody, glowy skin and hair
❥ Espoir (hope); seems calm, takes long showers, strong-minded, loud laugh, likes pet names & cliché things, will be there for you, loves new beginnings
❥ Sirène (mermaid); scared of being alone, carefree, loves the moon, bilingual, mood changes like the weather, sad most of the time, a bit mysterious