10 tv series you must watch

1. GAME OF THRONESIf you're into fantasy, wars, sword and dragons then YOU NEED TO WATCH GOT
2. NARCOSAgain if you're into, this time modern, fights, drug then Narcos is perfect for you. (Moreover the soundtrack is just so pretty)
3. AMERICAN HORROR STORYI think AHS is one of the best series, like who needs just one story when you can make plenty in just one series?
4. SUPERNATURALThere are really no words to describe this awesome tv series. 
JUST GO WATCH IT CAUSE IT'S AMAZING beyond the striking beauty of both of the main characters' actors
5. 13 REASONS WHYYou probably know this one, but if you don't then WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LIVING FOR
6. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACKOkay, this one has really the cutest ship BUT it really shows the true shit people went through, it made me so addicted
7.STRANGER THINGSAgain if you're into paranormal (go back to supernatural lmao), mistery and so on then this is the perfect series for you
8. BREAKING BADYou may know this one, if you like watching stories about drugs, criminality go watch it
9. SKAMThis one you may not know since it is a Norweigian series, it has been baptized as a new skins but idk whether I agree or not, anyways just go watch it cause you can learn a lot from it
Last but not least, Skins, ik it's super old but it always has a place in my heart. Maybe it's more addictive for teens than for other people but I really loved it.


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