How to get inspiration

There are moments you have a lot of inspiration but sometimes you have none. When we start thinking about when you and I get inspired, there are some things in common that you maybe not know that it's the same with others. 
I made a list of moments and things that inspire me a lot. If you have some in common send me the number so I know I'm not the only one who get inspiration from that specific thing.
1. Places 
People get inspired when they just look around and see the beautiful things that happen in life: a leaf that's falling down, the power of the waves... 
So go outside, to a beach or just to any place you want, go sit down for a while and just see what happens. I already know you will get inspired without doing anything.
2. Music 
When you're drinking your coffee with the radio on or when you're walking by a music store, these moments you get inspired by the music you here. Enjoy that moment you hear somebody singing on the street or just a song that's playing. Go sit in you're room and sing along with you're favorite songs. These are the moments you will never forget. Music makes you feel something special that only music can let you feel. It can make you feel happy or sad. 
So please when you hear something just stop a minute with everything you do, close your eyes en just listen to the sound of something beautiful.
3. Book 
The cozy feeling when you're laying in your bed with a very big and soft blanket and you enjoy reading your book with a cup of coffee in your hand. Isn't this the feeling you always want? Most of the time, people read a book because they are inspired by a character in the book or the story. They really feel the same way and they are actually becoming soulmates with them. 
When you have nothing to do, just get yourself a book at a store and start reading it, you will become a new person.
4. Friends 
These one is actually the one when I get inspired the most. Talking with friends or hanging out with friends are the best moments ever. They inspire you all the time. Don't you sometimes want to be like your friend? I do sometimes and in a way that's good but in another way it's actually not. You need to stay who you are, no matter what happens. If they are really you're friend, they accept you like you are and these friends will inspire you the most. 
Let them see you love them and then they will let you see there love.
5. Yourself 
Without knowing it, you inspire yourself. You are the only person who can say what you want and do what you want so it's obvious you inspire yourself. Think about this for a minute. When you know this, you can become who you are and what you want to be because when you inspire yourself you will also start inspiring other people. That is a beautiful thing and that's actually why we live. Not for being mad at everybody, we are here to forgive, help and inspire people. 
So be kind to everybody because treat people like you want to be treated.
Thanks for reading this article. I hope you have learned something and if you liked reading this please let me know. It's my first article so if you have tips also send me a message. 
When you go to school tomorrow, please enjoy being with your friends, smile to everybody you see and just be yourself because you're beautiful just the way you are.