7 Journalling Prompts for Self Awareness

1. Goals for the month 
Write a list of short term goals you'd like to achieve by the end of the month.2. Mini vision board 
Add a few inspirational pictures in your journal to remind you of your goals.3. What inspires me? 
Write about things that inspire you. (Why?)4. Affirmations 
Write a list of things you'd like to call forth into your life. Believe, recite everyday and achieve.5. Difficulties You're Facing 
Write about the difficulties you're currently facing. Why, and how could you get rid of these or change them into positive outcomes.6. Remind Yourself of Who You Want To Be 
Remember who your ideal self is and write a list of the traits your ideal self has. What is missing? How can you get there?7. Things You'd Like to Change About Your Life 
What are the negative things you'd like to change in your life to positives? How is it affecting you? How can you turn the situation around ?


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