Favorite Winter Trends

Hey lovely peoples!
Today’s article is about my top 5 of winter trends, they are a lot of cool trends this winter but this 5 are my favooooorites. I live in Europe and here it gets really cold and snowy during the winter, so bye bye cute tops and jeans jackets and hello sweaters, warm coats and boots. So the trends I’ll talk about today are suitable for really cold weather.
Let’s goooo, I hope you’ll enjoy it!
1. Prince of Wales Check
My first favorite trend is the Prince of Wales check and the Houndstooth print of course! Unless you live under a rock you most definitely have seen it in a lot of places! I’m obsessed with these very similar print! You can find them on everything: coats, blazers, skirts, pants and shorts. And what I really like with it is that you can dress it up as you can wear it really casual. What I also really like is the fact that it’s not really a « summery print » so even though you want to wear a prince of wales check skirt in the winter, it goes really welly with a sweater and tights. I’m totally embracing this trend and I’m waiting for a prince to notice me hahaha (I’ll take any of the prince’s of wales sons, William and Harry are my faves 😏)


2. Rouge passion
Second, in french "rouge" means red (heyy all my fellow french speaking beauties 🙋‍♀️) , red the color of passion, love and the color of christmas. I feel like it made a comeback this year, I see lots of shops selling red items. And more and more people wearing it, especially in knitwear like (red sweaters because it’s sweater weather after all). Personally, I’ve always wear red because I really like that color on me as it matches well with my dark skin. Plus I think the color red is really great as a accessory, like a red bag or a red coat! It brings something really special to the outfit.


3. Winter trench Coat
Third favorite trend is about an essential item for winter! The winter trench coat: I absolutely adore them. They are really cool when they’re long even though I’m not normally a fan of long coats sin I’m short. But for the winter I find it so great! At first I used it only for when I was wearing a dress and wanted to be dressed a little bit more « classy ». But it’s been a couple of years now that it is really a fashion essentials and for the everyday life and with every outfit, casual or more dressed up. And so now even when I’m wearing a jean and sneakers, it’s really a good look! Plus you can wear it in so many colors: more classic like grey or camel, or a pink or a red one or one in the prince of wales check to be a little more bold and to add a little color to an outfit.


4. Fisherman hat
Fourth trend, the fisherman hat! I find this trend pretty cool even though I feel like it’s more an « Instagram » trend because other than on Instagram, I practically haven’t seen it. But i find it really stylish even if I’m not so much of a « hat person » normally. Or as an alternative the beret trend is also coming back but I personally prefer the fisherman hat. What about you?

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fisherman hat
Imagen de fashion and dress

5. Socks booties
Last but not least, let’s talk about shoooes. I think my favorite shoes trend for this winter are socks boots. I mean how can you not fall in love with these types of boots? You can wear them for a lot of occasions and as several styles of these boots are made with chunky heels, it makes them easier to walk in than some heels (Amen). They look so good and they make you look good thanks to their fitted fabric around the ankles, which create a slimming effect. You can find them in a lot of colors too, but personally I’m all for the classic black boots that goes with literally everything. A lot of celebrities have adopted these boots and we have too, so in loooove.