Study Motivation

Lacking the motivation to study? We've all been there. Whether it's denial about how close exams are, or just the lack of energy, theres always a way to find motivation.

Buy New Stationary

Buy stationary that looks cool and interesting to YOU. Not just the fancy (expensive) pens and notepads you see on your favourite studyblrs and studygrams. The key to this tip is finding stationary that gets you excited to use it, obviously to give you motivation and enthusiasm to use it and study with it.
top - zebra mild liners (£17 on amazon), bottom - stabilo pastel highlighers (£6 on amazon)

Look at other peoples notes

There are plenty of study accounts on Instagram, Tumblr and We Heart It and looking at their neat and eye catching notes may help inspire you to make your own. From mind maps to pages and pages of notes, they've mastered how to have the best notes and, with enough practise (studying), you could too.
The key to pretty notes seems to be using a lot of colour and diagrams. And huge titles.

get up early

This isn't necessarily motivation to study but it's motivation to do something productive. Getting up early gives you the entire day to get productive, and gives you some extra morning time to plan your day.

time-lapse your studying

Timelapsing your study not only gives you motivation to study to begin with but it would also give you motivation to study longer to get a better video and it would also help keep you off of your phone. If you're excited to have a long time-lapse showing progress then you'd want to study longer, and since you need your phone to record your studying you can't use it. Even if you're not recording with your phone you still wouldn't want to have long clips of you not studying in a video about studying.


Organise your day by planning when you're going to study and what you'll be studying at that time, and organise when you're taking your break and what you'll be doing. You can do this by using a year planner, week planner or even the calendar app on your phone. If you live your life sticking to schedules, this tip is perfect to help motivate you.
Organise your desk by cleaning the outside and sorting the drawers and folders within the desk into an order that you understand and plan to stick to. Put all of your chemistry notes in one folder and all of your French notes in another, put school jotters on one shelf and summary note booklets on another, make a to-do drawer or a homework drawer. Only set out on your desk what you'll need for studying any subject i.e. pens, pencils, highlighters and paper.
An organised desk and day should help motivate you to study and be productive.

Reward System

Another key to motivation is to reward yourself for doing good. Tell yourself if you study for so long you can have the chocolate bar you've been craving for ages, or if you study all day on Friday you can go out with friends on Saturday. 
A cruel yet effective form of reward system is to allow yourself to watch 10 minutes of a tv show your really enjoying per couple hours of studying. It works because not only do you start off excited to get the next couple hours of work done but after two rewards you'll be desperate to finish the episode and will continue to study.

Start your own study blog

A lot of people who own some sort study blog where they post photos of their own notes have said that it really helped motivate them to study. It helps because even if you don't want to study for yourself, you'll study for your blog to keep the likes and followers count going up.
Thank you for reading and I hope this article helped you even in the slightest and you pass the exams / tests you're studying for !! 
I was thinking of posting articles on jobs in subjects like modern languages, the sciences, the expressive arts etc and if you have any subjects you enjoy that you'd like info about job options in feel free to send me a message and I'd be happy to write it. 
If you don't wish to do that there are websites like My World Of Work that offer amazing info on hundreds of potential careers.


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