Arranging and changing your room.

Your bedroom is your very own personal space, and it reflects your personality. 
And because 2018 is finally here, you probably want to change your room decorations, make it new something you are not used to. 
And here is some ideas that i think is very helpful and creative.
  • Buy new sheets.
Change your old sheets and replace them with clean new ones, make sure its comfortable for you and for your body, buy something soft for your skin and wash them more often.
  • Hang pictures on your walls.
hanging pictures on your wall makes your room prettier and much cuter, hang personal polaroids on your wall, or any kind of pictures that makes you feel happy, and make you smile.
  • Fairy lights.
Fill your rooms with fairy lights, hang it on your walls randomly, around polaroids, around your bed. anywhere that you think you love or just want it there.
  • Fur carpets.
Another thing that makes your room stylish, is fur carpets. 
It truly is cute and very beautiful. it adds a special impression in your room.
make sure it matches your room color
  • Rearrange your wardrobe.
Arrange your clothes in your wardrobe in order of most dressed, i do that so it's easier for me to reach out for my favorite clothes easily without ruining the whole wardrobe.
  • Pillows.
Pillows makes your bed more comfortable, having a lot of pillows on your bed also makes you sleep faster. 
It creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.
  • Dreamcatchers
I feel like dreamcatchers are a very pretty object, you can put it on top of your bed, on top of your desk or pretty much anywhere you like.
  • Nightstand
Arrange your nightstand perfectly, put a small lamp next to your bed and on top of your nightstand.
  • Picture Frames
fill your room with beautiful picture frames, and fill it with inspirational quotes inside, or pretty pictures, or even personal pictures, make it something beautiful that sends your room somewhere else.
  • Maps
if you are a lover of travelling and maps, then you should buy a map scratch or a map sticker.
it's usually below 10$
and in the end, everyone has a their own types of things that they love. 
So just design your room the way you like. 
Fill it with the things you love. 
Thank you for reading i hope you find it helpful and it helps you with your room